At Pretty Fair Beer we believe that understanding more about what is in our glass helps both appreciate and understand it better, and provides a more enjoyable experience overall. To that end we continually educate ourselves on techniques, ingredients, trends, and history of both the products we serve in our taproom and the general beer landscape both in our backyard and worldwide. We definitely don't know everything, that's part of the joy of beer - there is always something more to learn! 

Some of our favorite resources are below, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list but a place to start.  



Run by Jeff Alworth out of Portland, the website/blog focuses on local, national, and historical stories.


Brewbound is focused on the financial side of the industry, sales and acquisitions, new brands, etc. The website tends to focus on late breaking blurbs. 

Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting has multiple different outlets; their "Stories" tend to be great reads on unique situations or people in or adjacent to the industry, "Sightlines" is statistical analysis of trends, and "B-Roll" is quick snapshots of places and times. 

Washington Beer Blog 

Focused almost exclusively on Washington beer, this is a great resource for local happenings.


Cicerone Beer Server Videos

All staff at PFB are required to get their Cicerone Beer Server certification within 90 days of being hired, these videos are a fantastic course refresher on the elements of beer, serving, and beer terminology. 

How To Brew - John Palmer

Want to know how to brew? John Palmer has written the premier book on the subject. Focused on homebrewers, this is a great start for anyone interested in the process and ingredients of brewing. 


There are hundreds if not thousands of beer podcasts, these are some of the ones we tend to focus on. 

Beer Edge

Run by Andy Crouch, this podcast focuses on interviews with beer professionals and concerns itself with the current state of the industry and how guests are responding to it. 


The Beersmith software is widely used by both home brewers and professional breweries, this podcast tends to favor the home brewer perspective but there are many nuggets of process or recipe design that can be learned. 


Hosted by Jeff Alworth and Patrick Emerson out of Portland, Beervana tends to focus on one topic and do a deep dive on it each week. This is a great way to get a modern and historical contact on something like glassware or wild beers. It focuses on PNW and Portland breweries. 


Brewbound provides interviews with beer professionals, typically owners of breweries, about how they are seeing the world in a financial or retail sense. Tends to focus on larger breweries with established distribution footprints. 

Drink Beer/Think Beer

Run by John Hall, this podcast focuses on interviews with beer professionals and concerns itself with many aspects of the brewing and beer industry.

Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting has multiple different podcast outlets, from internal team interviews (CL podcasts) to wide ranging interviews (EPs) and statistical analysis (SLs). 

Master Brewers 

Are you interested in the nuance of beer brewing and production?  This is the podcast for you. With short 20 to 30 minute episodes focusing on one topic, Master Brewers is fantastic for brewing professionals wanted to get into the nitty gritty of beer.