Pretty Fair Beer is a taproom in Ellensburg Washington focusing on high quality and interesting beer, wine, and cider. We partner directly with breweries from around Washington state to provide unique options for our customers that are hard to find in central Washington. 

PFB also has a lunch, dinner, and late-night appetizer menu that focuses on southwest style cuisine that pairs well with beer. Providing great food in Ellensburg that accents our beer, wine, and cider is something we're passionate about!

We are located in Historic Downtown Ellensburg on the first floor of the 420 Building, a structure originally built as Ellensburg National Bank that also housed City Hall for over 65 years.  



Growing up our co-founder Tyler was starting a lawn care business with his siblings. They were considering what to name this new venture, throwing out ideas such as Amazing Lawn Care, Fantastic Lawn Care, and Excellent Lawn Care, when their Mom pointed out a significant truth.


“You don’t know if you’ll be any good at this, call it ‘Pretty Fair Lawn Care’ and give yourself some wiggle room!”


The name stuck, and since then all family businesses, both fictional and actual, have used the Pretty Fair moniker. Welcome to Pretty Fair Beer, we hope to exceed your expectations!



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